Secrets of public procurement in Ukraine

Secrets of public procurement in Ukraine


on participation in public procurement tenders of Ukraine

What to look for when preparing a tender offer


  • ? Carefully analyze the tender documents and all appendices to it

As a rule, the reasons for rejecting your offer are hidden in the details. Even if the tender documentation is the size of a small encyclopedia, you need to analyze all the requirements in detail. It often happens that the necessary documents are indicated in the section “rejection of tender offers” or in other items to which you do not immediately pay attention.

  • ? The customer’s response to the request to make changes to the tender documents is not identical to making such changes

If the customer agrees with your requirements (including the elimination of discriminatory conditions), do not forget to check that the relevant changes have been made in the tender documents.

  • ? Analysis of generalizations and practice

Generalized answers are published on the site Ministry for Development of Economy of Ukraine. Also, you can get a lot of useful information on the web portal  Prozorro.

  • ? Do not postpone the preparation of the tender offer until the last day

Start preparing for the tender from the stage of requesting clarification. When you have 2-3 days left to submit an offer, the probability that you will make a mistake increases.

  • ? Rejecting an offer does not mean losing

Do not forget that after rejecting your tender offer, you can complain to the Customer with a request or to the AMC.


Typical mistakes in tender offer

  • ? No electronic digital signature.

  • ? Incomplete information in the certificate in any form regarding the absence of the grounds provided for in Article 17 of the Law.

  • ? Failure to download to the Prozorro annexes to the bank guarantee and/or annexes to similar agreements (contracts).

  • ? Failure to submit, non-compliance with the requirements of the tender documentation of certificates and other documents.


General conditions of participation in the state tender in Ukraine

  • ? Submission of two orders by one participant

According to Article 25 of the Law, a participant may submit only one tender offer.

  • ? Submission of a tender offer by filling in an electronic form without downloading documents

Sometimes participants are in a hurry to submit a price offer and do not upload any documents. 

  • ? Failure to provide documents, the availability of which is not provided by the current legislation of Ukraine

The tender offer may include only those documents that are provided by the current legislation of Ukraine. If the customer requires documents that are not provided by him, and you do not provide them, you can not be rejected on this basis. However, in this case, download the certificate in any form on the impossibility of providing the relevant document on the grounds provided.

  • ? Failure to provide a document that repeats the essence of the already provided document

For example, the document confirming the fact of delivery is the invoice and the acceptance certificate. However, in order to minimize the risks of rejection, if you have an invoice and no acceptance certificate, you should download the invoice and the certificate in any form regarding the absence of the acceptance certificate.


Instructions to the Plenum team

  • ? If you do not understand the provisions of the tender documents or you consider them illegal or discriminatory, do not hesitate to ask questions and submit requirements to the customer

  • ? Documents not required by the customer should not be uploaded to the Prozorro. Prepare a tender offer in strict compliance with the tender documentation.

  • ? Check the compliance of bank guarantees with the requirements of the tender documentation.

  • ? Prepare in advance for the purchase and do not postpone the submission of the offer until the last moment.


Our team has significant experience in bidding and is ready to provide assistance in preparation and submission of your tender offer in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

Blog | 20.02.2019

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