Arbitrage practice The Plenum team will analyze your case and propose the optimal tactics and strategy. After coordination of our cooperation, we will complain all procedural documents from the statement of claim in other statements and complaints will be compiled. The lawyers of the  “Plenum” association will provide professional protection of your rights and interests in the courts of all levels. For proper and timely execution of the court decision, we will provide full support for the enforcement of the decision, from the filing of the application to the enforcement of the debt.

– Document analysis and strategy development;

– mediation (pre-trial settlement of a dispute),

Arrangement of agreements;

– drawing up statements of claim, complaints, petitions, settlement agreements and other documents;

– calculation of penalties and other charges;

– representation of interests in courts, including in the ICAC at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine;

– obtaining decisions, resolutions, rulings, writs of execution, etc .;

– enforcement of a court decision.

– other legal services.

Transaction support and risk analysis Do you need to make deal with land, corporate rights or real estate? We provide support, risk analysis, the adoption of the optimal scheme and obtain the desired result!

– Analysis of documents, assets, counterparties and risks;

– development of an optimal transaction scheme;

– drawing up the necessary documents, including contracts of sale, mortgage, pledge and memorandums;

– interaction with notaries and state registrars;

– maintenance of registration of property rights and encumbrances;

– other legal services.

Comprehensive Legal Audit Need to check your business? The Plenum team will conduct an audit, better than any regulatory body, only without negative consequences for you!

– Analysis of the constituent and other internal documents of the company (including the issue and placement of shares, the acquisition and legitimacy of their ownership, the structure of company management bodies, their powers and actual activities, the history of general meetings, supervisory boards and the legality of decisions taken);

– analysis of the work of the enterprise for compliance with the law, the need to obtain licenses, certificates and special permits required by law;

– analysis of the personnel documents of the company for their legality and the occurrence of possible conflicts;

– examination of contracts of the enterprise as already signed, and in projects. Identification of risks: non-performance of obligations by counterparties, claims, the emergence of tax sanctions;

– analysis of the legal status of movable and immovable property of the enterprise, the tax and legal history of their acquisition;

– analysis of claim work, including verification of the selected position, counter calculation of penalties and development an optimal strategy;

– other legal services.

Accompanying checks Did the inspection bodies come to you with a scheduled or unscheduled inspection or by a court decision? We are with you 24/7!

– Development of a strategy of conduct during the inspection by regulatory and licensing authorities;

– participation in audits and ensuring your rights and interests are respected;

– preparation of statements, complaints about actions or inaction;

– representation of your interests;

– other legal services.

Corporate law Do you need to accompany an existing or new business? Check, advise and bring to the desired result!

– Preparation and registration of companies (legal entities);

– registration of changes in constituent documents;

– obtaining permits, licenses and other documents;

– purchase and sale of ready business;

– structuring a company to protect assets;

– drafting statutes and regulations;

– drawing up minutes (decisions) of the general meeting of shareholders (participants), the Supervisory Board, the Board of Directors, etc.;

– other legal services.

Contract law Do you need to sign a contract on favorable and safe terms? We will provide support from the analysis of the counterparty, direct participation in the meeting to discuss, agree on the key terms of the contract and until its actual signing.

– Check counterparties;

– analysis of contracts to identify risks;

– development of projects and preparation of contracts;

– development of model contracts and agreements;

– drawing up protocols of disagreements;

– negotiating the terms of the contract;

– preparation of documents for termination of obligations and termination of contracts;

– other legal services.

Maintenance of tenders You have a Tender? Team Plenum with you from the moment of their search to the conclusion of the contract between you and the customer.

– Registration in the Prozorro system and assistance in maintaining a personal account;

– monitoring and search for tenders;

– study of the tender documentation and requirements for participants;

– analysis of competition and planning strategies for participation in the auction;

– preparation of documents for the tender proposal;

– participation in the electronic auction;

– communication with the customer and the organization of the signing of the contract;

– in cases of necessity, the appeal of the results of the procurement;

– other legal services.

Land Law, Real Estate Do you have questions about land relations or buying / renting a property? We will help you from the analysis to registration of title documents!

– Analysis of counterparties, facilities and risks;

– development of optimal schemes for project implementation;

– execution of documents, including contracts of sale, barter, mortgage, pledge, lease, sublease, easement, etc;

– support of changing the purpose of the land plot;

– representation of interests;

– interaction with notaries, state registrars and government bodies;

– other legal services.

Improvement Need to install a kiosk (temporary structure)? We will consult and accompany you to the design and obtain the necessary documentation!

– Support in the process of obtaining design permits for the placement of temporary facilities to serve the population in accordance with the format of the zone;

– providing advice in the field of improvement.

Subsoil use Carries out mining of local or national importance? The Plenum team will analyze the documents and assist in obtaining the necessary permits, advise and give recommendations for the implementation of economic activities in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine.

– Analysis of the documents, explanations and identification of risks;;

– obtaining the necessary permits, including a special permit for the use of subsoil;;

– support of inspections, including the State service of Geology and subsoil, the State environmental Inspectorate and other regulatory bodies;

– preparation of applications, complaints about acts or omissions;;

– representation of interests;

– other legal services.


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